Step into a magical oasis, a world of fantastical floral displays and haunting Flamenco guitar music. The design conjures up a mesmerising Moroccan souk, its vibrant colours and textures, the narrow alleyways and crumbling stonework of the ancient medina, the geometric tiles of Andalucía– with just a hint of the Parisian bistro. It’s exotic, eclectic, a playful backdrop for dawn to dusk dining.

The menu takes you on a journey to Morocco via the Mediterranean. It is as enticing as the interiors – another journey of discovery. Do you feel like a North African brunch or French lunch, a Spanish special or Moroccan main? Dishes are infused with the flavours of North Africa, there’s a sprinkling of Andalusian specialities and peppering of popular French classics.


Travel back in time to Morocco. Rock stars, filmmakers, fashion designers, artists and writers followed the hippy trail to Marrakech in the Sixties and Seventies.

Boho Marché’s design and gastronomy celebrate the convergence of these cultures. It was an era of wild creativity, experimentation and freedom and the discovery of a rich culinary heritage en route. Marché, the French for market, conjures up Morocco’s bustling souks, and the local, seasonal field-to-fork produce that is the keystone of the restaurant’s menu.